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My stuff

Stay focus and organized

Have you ever felt lost while managing your registrations, schedules, and all the administrative stuff you need for each event? Have you ever felt lost while trying to find a specific picture or video? Have you ever felt lost on all your and your dogs data, spread and duplicated all over a bunch of different places?

This area will automatically gather and organize all the information related to you, shown anywhere on the platform, and will allow you to complement and insert new data whenever you need, so this can finally be the whole tool, the only one you need to manage your Agility stuff.

In this area you are the priority and so is your privacy. That is why most of the information will be private, a part of it will be bend on your decision, and only a small part will be public.

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My dogs

The true Agility stars

As an Agility handler and dog owner, have you ever felt that you have special recording and organizing needs, much above what the market is prepared to deliver, which makes you split the data around multiple supports, ending with duplicated and unorganized information?

Agility dogs are pets, athletes and family members, and that makes their needs in terms of data recording and organization a challenge for any trainer.

As on the “My Stuff” section, here you can gather all the information from each of your dogs mentioned on FlowAgility platform, synchronize that data with your personal area and complement it with all the other data you feel the need to save.

This is intended to be the end of having your dog’s data duplicated and spread all over several tools.

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Because action never stops

This is an area to work like a digital newspaper, where all the news related to the Agility world will be gathered for you.

Anyone can send news to be posted, news that will be confirmed and edited by an editorial team to keep its credibility spotless. This area will be opened to all subscribers of FlowAgility, so they get the possibility of being up-to-date on everything that is happening in their favourite sport.


Discussions that matter

This forum is built to focus on discussions that matter Agility fans, meaning discussions on themes that were voted by the community of subscribers as important, previously to the opening of each forum.

Each forum room has the purpose of allowing everybody to have an opinion, to get to a conclusion and, after the defined period of activity for each discussion, to get a final report, prepared to be published and presented when necessary, in order to give a stronger voice to what the Agility community thinks.


Run, run, run… faster!

As a Competitor, have you ever felt that getting ideas from the best performers or about a better understanding of the judge’s decisions, while preparing for your next competition, is a frustrating task?

Figure up the advantages of a place that gathers course maps and videos from all the competitions running on FlowAgility, searchable by judge, grade, handler, dog, event, date… This is a delight for any Agility lover, to be able to see his/her idols running, and it is an amazing source for training planning ideas, or a good info on the specific judge that will be on his/her next trial.

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Agility provides us so many funny moments that it’s a shame not to gather them in a place where we can come every time we need to remember how Agility contributes to keeping us young and crazy.

Events Platform

Where adrenaline gets the peaks and magic flows

As an Organizer, have you ever felt that every Event is hard and stressful to organize? And no matter how hard you try, there is always something missing?

As a Staff Member, have you ever felt that Agility competitions are long and boring at times?

As a Judge, have you ever felt that you would be much more confident if you could know exactly what info was recorded immediately after each run, while you still remember the whole situation, so you could know for sure that there was no mistake?

As a Competitor, have you ever felt that accessing the info you need to organize yourself is an extra stress factor, because it can be messy, time-consuming and sometimes not accurate?

As a Member of the Public, have you ever felt that the lack of information along the competition makes you lose a huge part of the emotion of the contest?

As a Kennel Club, with competitions spread throughout the year and the country, have you ever felt that it is a hard and time-consuming task to control licenses, competition approvals, or compile all individual results in one place in order to deliver championships results on time?

Our Events Platform will be the easiest and faster way to create and manage your events, from the very beginning to the last moment.

Here you will be able to create the event, promote it, manage registrations, payments, staff, schedules, results; to integrate it with timers, livestreaming, video walls...; to communicate with everybody involved, and offer participants and public a totally innovative mobile service.

With the Events mobile app, helping at a competition will be part of playing a game. There will be features for secretaries, for vets, for entrance keepers, for judge helpers, for judges and for time keepers.

There will be a judge feature available also for smart watches, that will allow the judges to confirm and sign each run before the next one starts, while he/she still has it fresh in his/her mind. What better timing to do it?

As a competitor, you will have a blast with our events mobile app! It will work as a handler assistant, guiding you every step of the way. It will let you know the entrance orders as soon as they are available; how much time you have between dogs entrances; who is running and where; how much is left to be your turn; timing incompatibilities for your runs, when the schedules change; the results in real time, as soon as you leave the ring, and it will even give you on-time video of your run, if anyone has filmed it.

All this will be available on your personal area, so you can use it on your gallery and training areas, for notes taking and statistics.

As a member of the public, this app will help you make the most out of each Event! You will never again loose the magic and emotion of a real-time competition, either being in-place or anywhere else on the globe. With this app, you will see realtime results, entrance orders, follow favorites, get notifications, review videos, and so on.

For any Kennel Club that wishes to be a partner with us, there is a special service integrating their championships, with special assistance from a FlowAgility assistant to help manage all the relations and data. This service is not automatic and people interested in knowing more about it must contact FlowAgility team. We will be glad send you our best proposal for a tailored service that suits your needs

Learning Platform

Teaching and learning the “Agility way”

As an eager-to-learn person, have you ever felt that you keep missing learning opportunities for lack of information?

As a Trainer, have you ever felt that you also should have been a developer, because there is no software on the market that fulfills your needs?

As a Student, have you ever felt that learning a new software each time you want to enter a different class takes a lot of energy, you would rather spend being with your dogs?

It is not hard to find eLearning platforms on the market, but none is prepared to the specificities of how people teach and learn Agility.

FlowAgility will provide a Learning platform shaped to the way people teach and learn Agility.

With such a great software, trainers can choose FlowAgility as their number 1 option to promote and allocate their classes and seminars, to be found all in one place, with no effort and much larger visibility.

Every new tool has a learning curve and we tried to minimize this by designing the most "Agility friendly" software possible. With more and more classes running on the same software, this can be the main tool you will need to solve your learning quest!

The Learning platform will be integrated with both the "My stuff" and "My dogs" areas, so you don't need to insert the same data more than once, and to centralize all the training you do, either on your own, with friends or in class context.

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Each one has a say, but each say has different needs

For a Club to grow, it needs to be good at managing its public image, connecting with members, getting new ones, relating to Kennel Clubs, etc. Have you ever felt that there are often some areas lacking attention, no matter how much voluntary work you put on it?

Have you ever felt that managing day-to-day administrative tasks, as a Kennel Club, and delivering on time responses to Clubs and participants is a much to heavy duty?

As a Breeder, have you ever felt that following your puppies’ careers and achievements and finding the right owners for your next litter can be hard, because you don't have a place to find all the information you need and reach the public at the same time, to properly promote your Kennel?

There are amazing artists producing the best photos ever of our dogs, but haven't you ever felt that it's hard to make the most out of it when they mainly show their work during the events when everybody is busy, including the photographer itself?

As a Company, haven't you ever felt that having the best products is just not enough, if you can't show them to the right persons, in the right way, and that's kind of hard when your public is spread all over the world?

Even in the same social baseline, each entity has special needs as to contents and to the way they relate and share their work with the community.

Agility lovers, Competitors, Clubs, Kennel Clubs, Breeders, Photographers and Companies are all Agility Entities. They usually have to navigate through several tools to be connected with everyone and fulfill everyday’s needs. FlowAgility assures them independent areas, created to solve particular challenges, integrated on a platform designed to reunite all the Agility community.

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Measuring Agility

Agility is a sport where global statistics are not easily available (if they even exist).

At FlowAgility we are passionate about measuring every aspect of the Agility processes, and as so, all the areas of FlowAgility will start producing statistics as soon as the platform gathers enough data.

The purpose is to improve those areas all the time and end up with a deeper knowledge of Agility as a community and as a sport.


Quality, security and support

Quality Assurance is a tag line in every single feature produced in FlowAgility. Coding best practices, high performance architecture and strong Security protocols are part of FlowAgility standards.

Solutions are not only about software. The perfect experience includes a Support Team that will be always there for you.

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